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Once apon a time....
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RnM: Two Upset Organics :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 7 7 My Muppet Self :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 7 11 Loving Gents :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 5 4 The Simpsons: The Revenge of the Sideshows :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 7 34 RnM: Ashley's Dances :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 8 10 RnM: Two Cute Couples :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 5 0 Hugs From Fans...? :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 7 4 Three Beautiful Brides :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 4 14 New Computer :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 3 9 My Wedding Gown Design :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 7 18 FBnCC: 'You Can't Make Me!' :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 10 5
RnM: Something There...
Satoshi: :music:There's something sweet, and almost kind;
But he was mean, and he was coarse, and unrefined.
But now, he's dear, and so unsure,
I wonder why I didn't see it, there, before.:music:

Kuffley: :music:He glanced this way, I thought I saw,
And when we touched, he didn't shudder at my paw.
No, it can't be; I'll just ignore,
But then, he's never looked at me, that way, before.:music:

Satoshi: :music:New, and a bit alarming,
Who'd have ever thought that this could be?
True, that he's no Prince Charming,
But there's something in him that I simply didn't see.:music:

Rainbow Guy: :music:Well, who'd have thought?:music:
Li'l Lugnuts: :music:Well, bless my soul!:music:
Crikey: [Music]Well, who'd have known?[Music]
Li'l Lugnuts: [Music]Well, who, indeed?[Music]
Nicky "the Axe": [Music]And who'd have guessed they'd come together, on their o
:iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 1 0
My OTPs' Theme songs
(note: Almost all of these are Disney songs)
Monster and Me- "A Whole New World" (Aladdin)
Officer Kuffley and Satoshi- "Tale as Old as Time" or "Something There" (Beauty and the Beast)
Crikey and Meryl- "Can You Feel the Love, Tonight?" (the Lion King) or "Bella Notte" (Lady and the Tramp)
Danni Prescott and Etno Polino- "So This is Love" (Cinderella), or "I Won't Say I'm in Love" (Hercules)
Gloria Warmer and Lloyd- "Love is a Song", "Looking for Romance" (Bambi), "Once Upon a Dream", "I Wonder" (Sleeping Beauty), or "When You Wish Upon a Star" (Pinocchio)
Global Warmer and Christina Cooler- "I See the Light" (Tangled) or "Someone's Waiting for You" (The Rescuers)
C. Montgomery Burns and Waylon Smithers, Jr.- "I'm Wishing/One Song" (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), "If I Never Knew You" (Pocahontas), or "Kiss the Girl" (The Little Mermaid)
Robert Underdunk "Sideshow Bob" Terwilliger and Francesca- "Love" (Robin Hood)
Oswald "Oz" Harmounian and Bernadette Sabrina Flynn- "A Guy Like Yo
:iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 1 2
RnM: Couple and Duet :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 5 14 Space Goofs: Shake, Rattle and... Hugs? :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 10 8 The Simpsons: Smithers's Nasty Temper :iconlizlovestoons12:Lizlovestoons12 12 26
Contains gifts, requests, gender-bends, FanFictions, and CanonxOC pairings. Be careful where you look! ;)


Muppet Jenn and Jeff :iconemperornortonii:EmperorNortonII 23 15 1001 Animations: Magical Maestro :iconregulas314:Regulas314 16 16 Winnie the Pooh :iconhoneybees987:HoneyBees987 43 3 SG - Etno x Danni 4ever! :D :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 1 2 only the good old days :iconshenanistorm:Shenanistorm 6 4
Tom and Jerry Music
Found this video thanks to a deviation featuring Tom and Jerry.
God, I love this music. I can't exactly pin-point each cartoon that this music was featured in, but I definitely recognize it.
Music in film nowadays is so underrated. Music needs more grandeur and attention as this!
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 6 14
SCHUUUULZ!! :icondavealvarez:DaveAlvarez 432 103
Julia has joined Sesame Street Muppets!
Remember Julia, the new little Muppet girl with Autism that they created for Sesame Street?
She started off in a book (I think), and they said she might later join the cast on TV.
Well, she is now finally coming to Sesame Street as part of the cast! All Autists rejoice!
The cool thing is that her Muppetier, Stacy Gordon, has a son with Autism, so she knows how to properly represent it for the majority of autistic children out there.
Let's hope this opens up more eyes for others to learn more about these individuals who do things differently in society, especially children.
:iconjimenopolix:JIMENOPOLIX 3 12
You May Fire When Ready Gridley :iconwcarroll216:wcarroll216 13 3 Pirates of the Caribbean 50th Anniversary :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 14 12 Splash Mountain :iconkv-arts:KV-Arts 8 5 SG - Danni doodle :iconworldofcaitlyn:worldofcaitlyn 1 2 No Snowflake Is Ever The Same :icongummydog:gummydog 1 6 Hook Vs Sparrow :iconartist-srf:ARTIST-SRF 53 25 Josh Gad Royale :iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 66 11 Better V-Day 2017 tribute than that other one... :iconcartuneslover16:Cartuneslover16 25 13
Well done to all the artists who created these drawings, animations and more! :clap:


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RnM: Two Upset Organics
Just thought I'd draw a little gift for itshappybunny1234; since she had a very rough day, yesterday, I thought I'd have my "RnM" persona give her a cup of hot tea, in an over-sized mug (well, over-sized for me, but normal-sized, for her). Well, Irene, I hope you're feeling a little better, today. :iconcomfortplz:

"Robot and Monster" belongs to: David Pressler :icondavepressler:
My Muppet Self
I've been watching quite a bit of "Sesame Street", lately, and I kinda wondered what I'd look like as a Muppet. As you can see, my arms would be operated with rods, and, instead of having my nose stuck on with tape or glue, my nose is built right into my face. What do you think of this, guys?

The Muppets and "Sesame Street" belong to: Jim Henson
RnM Humans: Baconites Girls' Day Out
I know it may not be summer, yet, but I might as well make a depiction of my friend, MyHopesAndDreams15's, characters and me, at the local pool.

From left to right: Kiki, Maddy, Me, and Satoshi

Kiki and Satoshi belong to: :iconmyhopesanddreams15:

Made here:…
FBnCC: Snowy and Berry (humans)
I think I've done well, humanizing a dragon and an ice monster! I case you're wondering, these are human versions of Snowy the Dragon, and Berry the Ice Monster. It took a few years for Snowy to accept that Berry was in love with her, but they soon married, and became (sorta) co-workers at the Frosty Mart, producing Frosty-Freezy-Freezes for the patrons, especially for Fanboy and Chum-Chum! ;)

Berry the Ice Monster belongs to: Eric Robles :iconfanboyandchum:

Snowy the Dragon belongs to: :icongummydog:

Made here:…
Man, this song has been used and parodied in pop culture, so many times, including the works of Disney, Tex Avery, Looney Tunes, even "The Simpsons"! The tune, mostly, that is.

Update: here's a better version, with lyrics: 
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